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Begin Educational Injury Prevention Course with Sports Therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver-based leaders for sports therapy services, Burrard Physiotherapy are now offering intensive educational courses on injury prevention to clients across the region. The company’s educational courses can be presented to sports teams, municipal groups as well as other sporting enthusiasts across Vancouver, with the goal of helping to reduce sporting injuries.

Experts within the sports physiotherapy field often tell their clients that preventing an injury is easier than recovering from an injury. This means that athletes who regularly participate in sporting activities must stay proactive in their objective of preventing injuries. A professional injury prevention regimen includes optimal training methods, as well as injury prevention accessories such as braces and taping. But only by working with a trusted and qualified sports therapist can players know how to best protect their body. And that’s why many are now turning to the injury prevention experts at Burrard Physiotherapy.

In addition to offering injury prevention seminars for sports players across the region, Burrard Physiotherapy is also now offering full biomechanical assessments alongside a qualified sports physiotherapist. As part of the assessment process, the physiotherapist will analyze the biomechanical structure of the client’s body and relate the results to their chosen sport. They will then be able to devise an injury prevention regimen that helps the client enjoy the sport they love without risking long-term harm to their body in the process.

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