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Burrard Physiotherapy’s Winter 2013 Newsletter Now Available

Burrard Physiotherapy clinic of Vancouver is dedicated to providing exceptional care and recovery for their patients. Their team of physio and massage therapists, kinesiologists, yoga and pilates instructors, and support staff are highly trained, having been educated over and above their original degrees.  The clinic, who’s main focus is physiotherapy treatment is dedicated to promoting a healthy active lifestyle for clients and staff alike, viewing physiotherapy as a path to freedom of movement and mobility.

Burrard Physiotherapy is proud to announce the addition of the Winter 2013 Newsletter, published on the company website. The latest installment, which focuses on pain, delves into the inner workings of both body and brain in order to further understand our bodies reception of and reactions to pain. Because physiotherapy treatment targets pain within joints and muscles so that it may be eliminated and normal levels of mobility may be restored, it is essential for therapists to understand the ways in which pain is registered, delivered and dealt with by the body. The article digs deep into the hows whats and whys of pain, translating that knowledge to a greater understanding of physiotherapy treatments, care and healing processes.

The newsletter aims to focus on a specific topic of interest for each issue while also providing tips, tricks and clinical updates. Keeping you informed about the current issues in the physiotherapy world, while also highlighting news and events specific to Burrard Physiotherapy, Kerry Maxwell, writer and clinic owner, brings the voice of Burrard Physiotherapy and related treatments to the public. With all the latest and greatest that the clinic has to offer, from classes to treatments to therapy, Burrard Physiotherapy’s new newsletter has all the info you need to keep up to date in the life of the clinic, and living a healthy active lifestyle.


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