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Concussion FAQ

Have a concussion? Your Questions Answered.

Should I go to emergency?

Answer: Everyone should see their doctor but most do not need to go to emergency. However, if you have had a recent concussion and any of the following, you should go to emergency immediately:
• Deteriorating neurological function
• Persisting confusion or disorientation
• Vomiting
• Severe headache
• Blood clotting disorder or on drugs which thin the blood
• Suspicion of other life threatening or serious injuries (fractures, organ injury)

Should I get an MRI if I have had a concussion?

Answer: Most people do not need an MRI. Most MRI’s in concussion will not show any damage to the brain.

Will I recover from my concussion quickly?

Answer: 80-90% of adults with sport concussion recover within 7-10 days. Children and teenagers as well as ice-hockey players are more prone to a longer recovery. No one is quite sure why but concussions related to falls, work injuries and motor-vehicle accidents may also take longer. 85% of people with concussions recover within three months. Your physiotherapist can help you determine prognosis based on your clinical presentation.

Why should I choose Burrard Physiotherapy for management of my concussion?

Marj Belot B.Sc.PT, FCAMPT, CAFCI, Registered Physiotherapist has been working with people with brain injuries for more than 30 years. She is a professional member of the BC Brain Injury Association and, in 2015 attained certification with Shift Concussion, a leading edge Concussion Management Team based in Guelph, Ontario. The concussion services provided at Burrard Physiotherapy reflect best practices in concussion management and are updated as new, clinically relevant research emerges.

How can physiotherapy help me recover from concussion?

Answer: All concussions are not equal and physiotherapy can help! At Burrard Physiotherapy our specially trained physiotherapist will take a detailed history, have you perform a computerized neurocognitive test, the ImPACT test and evaluate your mobility, neurologic function, activity and motion tolerance. Other injuries will also be assessed and treated.

You will be given advice, education and exercises specific to your concussion including estimated time for recovery, timing of return to work, school and/or sport, temporary modifications and activity restrictions

What is the role of the Burrard Physiotherapy athletic therapist? Answer: The athletic therapist may perform baseline testing (annual preseason testing to document your abilities before you have a concussion) and may also be involved in your post-concussion reconditioning for return to activity/sport.

How do I know if I need additional professionals: e.g. occupational therapist, neuropsychologist or a specialized optometrist for vision therapy? Answer Physiotherapy is a good place to start. Your physiotherapist has the expertise to determine if additional services are needed and the best timing for adding other team members.

For an Appointment call 604-684-1640 and advise the reception staff that
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They will look after booking you and ImPACT test and an hour 1:1 session with Marj Belot B.Sc.PT Certified Shift Concussion Management Program Provider

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