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Get to know the Benefits of Antigravity Therapy with Burrard Physiotherapy

Burrard Physiotherapy offers a wide range of the very best in rehabilitative devices, to be used in support of our holistic healing services.  Among the most high-tech solutions we offer are AlterG antigravity therapy treadmills.  These amazing devices allow users to reduce their own apparent body weight by up to 80%, so that they can walk or run even in situations where an injury would not permit normal movement.

How Antigravity Therapy Works

  • These AlterG treadmills utilize technology first designed by NASA for astronaut training.  They utilize a special sealed high-pressure chamber around the patient’s legs, which counteracts gravity and pushes them upwards.  This is combined with a belt system, around the patient’s waist, which both supports them as well as adding additional lifting force.


  • As a result, someone in an AlterG system can truly feel as though they only weigh half as much – or even less.  Yet, unlike water-based “low G” therapy, they are still moving around with completely normal gaits.  There’s no need to retrain the muscles after therapy.

In an AlterG system, it’s just like normal running on a treadmill – except you feel lighter.

How Antigravity Treadmills Help Speed Recovery

  • With AlterG treadmills, we can create rehabilitative plans for patients with significant injuries that stave off muscle loss and get them moving as quickly as possible after the injury.  Rather than waiting months for the injury to heal enough to support the patient’s normal weight, antigravity therapy speeds up the process significantly.


  • Additionally, thanks to the precise controls and data monitoring built into the treadmills, we can keep close tabs on a patient’s progress.  Factors such as weight, speed, and incline can be carefully adjusted to create personalized recovery roadmaps.

Burrard Physiotherapy

This makes antigravity treadmills a truly powerful rehabilitative tool, particularly in cases such as foot, knee, or ankle injuries.  They can also be effective in aiding weight loss in severe cases, as well as improving mobility issues from conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Can antigravity therapy help speed your recovery?  Contact Burrard Physiotherapy to learn more.


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