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Injury Prevention Services

Prevention is better than cure, an old adage, but true. Knowledge is the key to injury prevention.
We function on many different levels, educating the public across Vancouver. Our physiotherapists are all active in the community with different sports of their own, families and municipal events. We are happy to educate everyone in the best ways to train and exercise to minimize the risk of injury. If you have a club or a team that you are a member of and would like one of our therapists to come and give you a presentation on injury prevention please give the clinic a call at 604 684 1640 and we will set something up.
If you have been injured and find your self receiving treatment, you will be educated about both your current injury and prevention of future injuries.

If your musculoskeletal system requires extra support for your chosen activities, your physiotherapist will do a complete biomechanical assessment, relate those results to your sport and prescribe the appropriate brace or taping method for you to use.Once you have your brace, your physiotherapist will ensure correct fit and application, as well as advising you on when and how to use any device.

You will leave your appointment fully versed in how and when to resume activity to minimize any further tissue damage.

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Click here to download Services Injury Prevention pdf.

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