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5 Great Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

You don’t have to be an athlete to experience the many benefits of Sports Therapy in Vancouver. In fact, the Sports Massage Therapy as offered at Burrard Physiotherapy can be very beneficial for people from all walks of life…Read More

5 Important Things to Keep in Mind When Looking for a Physiotherapy Center in Vancouver

When it comes to finding chronic pain relief or injury therapy, you do not want to settle for the first physiotherapy center in Vancouver that you come across. Here at Burrard Physiotherapy, we suggest you keep these five things in mind while you look for the best treatment center for you and your needs…Read More

How Antigravity Therapy Can Help Ease Your Pains During Rehabilitation

Here at Burrard Physiotherapy, we are constantly following the state of the art in rehabilitation, to find new tools and techniques to help our patients.  So, we are absolutely thrilled to now be able to offer antigravity therapy, courtesy of AlterG Treadmills.  These truly space-age devices – originally designed by NASA to aid in Astronaut training – can make a big difference to those facing a range of injuries to their legs, hips, or back..Read More

Causes of Plantar Fasciitis in Vancouver – Burrard Physiotherapy

It is extremely common for athletes to suffer from Plantar Fasciitis in Vancouver.  In fact, plantar fasciitis is one of the most common foot injuries in general, believed to affect millions of people.  While painful, it is rarely debilitating and there are a range of treatments, including ultrasound therapy, shockwave therapy, and physical therapy…Read More

The Ultrasound Therapy at Burrard Physiotherapy

Here at Burrard Physiotherapy, we often use multiple therapies throughout your treatment to ensure the best possible results. One such therapy our physical therapists have found to be beneficial is Ultrasound Therapy. Read More

Does Shockwave Therapy Help Plantar Fasciitis?

Every day, countless people throughout the Vancouver area needlessly suffer from the debilitating pain of Plantar Fasciitis. There are a number of treatments that may help reduce pain, improve function, and restore the quality of life. One such treatment provided here at Burrard Physiotherapy is Shockwave Therapy.

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Treating Plantar Fasciitis at Burrard Physiotherapy

Plantar fasciitis can cause severe pain in the foot, that if left untreated can eventually affect mobility and overall quality of life. However, the experienced team here at Burrard Physiotherapy can help.

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Get Leading Treatment at Our Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver

Quality of life can be drastically influenced by mobility issues that stem from an injury or illness. Here at Burrard Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to helping each person who comes to our physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver to recover and reclaim their active lifestyles.

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The Importance of Vitamin D for Physiotherapy Treatment in Vancouver & Notable News from Our Clinic

A quiet spring is giving way to a busy summer and as the rain clouds dissipate, we are reminded of the importance of getting enough vitamin D, particularly when undergoing physiotherapy treatment in Vancouver.

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Reduce Tension and Improve Recovery with Antigravity Therapy

In traditional therapy, weight is put onto the joint or area of the body in need of strengthening and correcting. Even the slightest amount of pressure applied to this area of the body can cause pain and reduce the overall impact of your therapy session. Due to this, removing any kind of pressure or weight applied to the area in question can help accelerate the corrective process. Antigravity therapy removes all forms of pressure applied, which helps improve results.

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Treat Muscle Injuries with Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound machines may be familiar to you in that the equipment is commonly used during pregnancy in order to provide an internal image of the baby. However, there are other treatment and medical advantages to using an ultrasound machine. It can also be used in physiotherapy. By producing a high frequency sound wave, it can effectively treat muscle and tissue injures. The frequency is directed towards the injury, causing the body to increase its response to reproduce tissue.   It is the body’s natural process of healing itself.

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The Non-Invasive Shockwave Therapy

Sound can produce a significant amount of energy. The creation of audible, high-energy waves occurs throughout nature organically. One example is when a bolt of lightning flashes through the air there is a shockwave known as thunder. The idea of shockwaves is nothing new to the medical world. In fact, the utilization of shockwaves has been present since the 1980s as a means of a non-invasive treatment for breaking apart kidney stones.

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3 Dry Needling Treatments Offered Through Your Local Vancouver Physiotherapist

By learning more on the treatments available to you within the local Vancouver marketplace, you can work with your physiotherapist to resolve pain challenges and begin to lead a normal life once again. Our team continues to innovate within the services we provide, and within this latest post we’re presenting three dry needling treatments offered through your physiotherapist at Burrard Physiotherapy in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic Burrard Physiotherapy Now Offers a Full Range of Dry Needling Services

February 10, 2017 – Vancouver, BC-based clinic, Burrard Physiotherapy is now offering local clients a range of dry needling services to help them mitigate pain and achieve complete comfort. Included within the clinic’s selection is their acupuncture service, which can help patients mitigate challenges related to back pain and stress within just a few short appointments. It is the professional service helping local Vancouver patients minimize their pain and return to their everyday lives.

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Sports Therapy – The Essence of Your Mobility Relies on Your Core

Sports Therapy is utilizing the years of sports medicine research for top performing athletes and using them to get you in the best version of you. An all too important factor in overall health mobility is the strength of your core muscles. The muscles located around your pelvis, lower back, abdomen and hips need to work in harmony and core exercises train your body to do that. The sports therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy can get your core performing at maximum so your injuries can remain at a minimum.

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What is Sports Therapy and How Can It Help You?

Sports therapy is for everyone, athlete or not. If you have injured yourself, take advantage of years of sports medicine research to heal an injury as fast as possible while taking the appropriate steps to reduce the outcome of repeating the injury again. Your mobility goals should not be limited by the pain responses in your body. The professionals at Burrard Physiotherapy can get you the guidance you need to fulfill your mobility goals: whether it’s professional sports or pleasure walks.

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The Professional Vancouver Sports Therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy Announce Tips for Back-Friendly Gardening

January 30, 2017 – Vancouver, BC - As spring approaches, people throughout the Vancouver area will be returning to tend their gardens.  While a great outdoor activity, it is all too easy for overly-enthusiastic gardeners to do unnecessary damage to their back through improper movements.  The professional sports therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy would like to remind Vancouverites of the best way to garden and protect their backs in the process.

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Sports Therapy – Treat Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Before It Becomes a More Serious Problem

One thing a person quickly learns when practicing sports therapy in Vancouver is that there are many minor conditions where a bit of preventative care can prevent far worse problems down the line.

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How Gunn IMS Can Help Relieve Some Forms of Neuropathic Pain

Few things can be more debilitating in the long-term than chronic pain, particularly chronic muscle pain.  This is an extremely complicated subject, as chronic pain can have many different causes and, therefore, many different solutions.

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Vancouver based Therapy Leaders Burrard Physiotherapy Using Real-Time Ultrasound for Sports Injury Recovery Programs

Vancouver-based specialists for physiotherapy and injury recovery programs, Burrard Physiotherapy are now one of the only clinics in the area using Real-Time Ultrasound during recovery processes. RTU is a diagnostic tool that allows the physiotherapist to see the injury via ultrasound in real-time, and to get live visual feedback on the way the muscles are being used during the recovery. The ultrasound therapy tool is working to help patients reduce their recovery timeframes and limit setbacks within their muscle training.

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Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy Offering a Full Suite of Sports Therapy Services

Vancouver, BC-based specialists for therapy services, Burrard Physiotherapy are now inviting patients to review their complete range of sports therapy options. Included within the company’s sports therapy options is their Real-Time Ultrasound service, which will provide patients with live video feedback of the muscles within their body, and give specialists the information they need to make an effective injury diagnosis.

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Burrard Physiotherapy Present a Full Suite of Concussion Therapy

Vancouver, BC therapy leaders Burrard Physiotherapy are now offering the local area’s leading concussion therapy services. Included within the clinic’s service suite are options such as comprehensive baseline testing and customized therapy treatment designed to help stop the symptoms of concussion, including dizziness and decreased balance. It’s a dynamic approach to concussion therapy that can help assure a full recovery for visiting patients.

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Vancouver Back Pain Therapy Experts Burrard Physiotherapy Offer a Complete Sports Therapy Program

Vancouver, BC-based back pain therapy specialists, Burrard Physiotherapy have recently announced they’re now offering a full sports therapy program for athletes suffering from back pain issues. Whether the goal is to treat the overuse of back muscles or achieve rehabilitation for chronic and acute back injuries, Burrard Physiotherapy can build a customized program designed to help the individual meet their sporting targets this year.

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Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy Offering Active Rehabilitation Services as Part of Back Pain Therapy Process

Vancouver, BC-based Professionals for dynamic back pain therapy programs, Burrard Physiotherapy are now offering their Active Rehabilitation program. Patients can now choose between the company’s more comprehensive 3-hour program or the shorter 1.5-to-2-hour program, which is designed for those with working constraints.

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Achieve the Ideal Sports Therapy Program for Injury Recovery Through Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver, BC-based physiotherapists, Burrard Physiotherapy are now inviting patients to review their comprehensive sports therapy program. The company offers access to physiotherapists with experience in advanced sports injury management and orthopedics to help address injury challenges and build a treatment program that ensures athletes can achieve their sports objectives.

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Discover the Back Pain Therapy Treatment Options Available at Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver, BC-based therapy leaders, Burrard Physiotherapy are now presenting clients with a complete range of back pain therapy treatments. The company’s treatment options include spinal therapy, which combines joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and exercise with ultrasound diagnostic work to ensure safe recovery from spinal issues.

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Our Vancouver Therapy Experts Answer Three Questions on Ultrasound Therapy for Back Pain

Ultrasound therapy is quickly gaining prominence across the local Vancouver physiotherapy industry. But while many patients are now benefiting from ultrasound therapy, most still don’t have a comprehensive understanding on the therapy process, its benefits and its stages. In this post, our Vancouverteam will answer three of the most common questions on ultrasound therapy for back pain.

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3 Questions to Ask Your Vancouver Back Pain Therapy Specialist

In managing your back pain and trying to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible while you receive treatment, it’s important to obtain guidance from your  Vancouver back pain therapy expert. To get the answers required to assure comfort, it’s important to know the right questions to ask when meeting with the specialist. In this post, we’ll provide you with three questions to ask your specialist.

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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Highlight 3 Tips for Swift Injury Recovery

Experiencing an injury can be highly frustrating for athletes, particularly those who hope to compete in events in the near future. It’s the reason so many are now working with sports physiotherapists to help streamline their recovery and ensure a successful return to sporting activities. To help guide the recovery process, our Vancouver sports therapy team are now offering their three tips for a swift injury recovery.

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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Offer Three Tips for a Spring Training Program

With the warmer weather now arriving, many athletes are about to begin their spring training regimens in a bid to reach peak fitness in 2016. If you’re building up to a new exercise routine this year, it’s important to learn optimal techniques from qualified training specialists. In this post, our Vancouver sports therapy team offers three tips for ensuring success with a spring training program.

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Our Vancouver Back Pain Therapy Experts Explain How to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain can prevent you from taking part in day-to-day activities. It can minimize your enjoyment of time spent with family and friends and may mean you’re unable to work. This means that it’s important to adopt the lifestyle habits that reduce the potential for back pain issues. Our experienced back pain therapy  team here in Vancouver have worked with thousands of patients to minimize their pain challenges. In this latest post, we explain our how reduce the potential for back pain in the future.

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Our Vancouver Therapy Team Explains Three Ways to Take Control of Back Pain

Back pain, whether it impacts your lower back or the areas closest to your neck muscles, can have a lasting impact on your life. It can take away the control you once had of your ability to take on day-to-day activities. To help guide you in taking action and mitigating back pain over the long-term, our therapy team in Vancouver is now explaining three ways to wrestle back the control.

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A Guide to the Spinal TherapyServices Available Through Back Pain Experts Burrard Physiotherapy in Vancouver

By working with a qualified back pain therapy specialist, Vancouver residents can achieve a high level of personal comfort and reduce the pain caused by spinal issues. The team here at Burrard Physiotherapy is now offering a comprehensive spinal therapy program and within this post, we’ll provide a guide to our spinal therapy services.

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Vancouver Therapy Leaders Burrard Physiotherapy Present 3 Back Pain Myths

Many millions of Canadians now suffer from back pain issues on a daily basis. These issues impact their lifestyle and often prevent them completing their working duties. To help you manage your back pain more effectively and provide you with greater detail on the challenges associated with back pain, our Vancouver therapy experts are now presenting threeback pain myths in this latest post.

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Discover the Benefits of Acupuncture for Vancouver Back Pain Therapy

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment modality that has recently risen to prominence across the modern medical community. The treatment involves harnessing thin metallic needles across pathways on the body to treat persistent conditions. Our trusted Vancouver back pain therapy experts have many years’ experience using acupuncture within our therapy processes and in this latest post, we’ll highlight the benefits that acupuncture can bring to your treatment regimen.

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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Explain the Benefits of Soft Tissue Manipulation

In managing a sports injury, there are numerous techniques you can use to increase the speed of recovery. Our Vancouver sports therapy team has many years’ experience within the therapy industry, and we’ve helped thousands of athletes reach their recovery objectives using a range of professional therapy techniques. In this latest post, we’ll outline the benefits offered by soft tissue manipulation.

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Burrard Physiotherapy Presents Answers to 3 Common Concussion Therapy Questions

Concussion therapy is now considered one of the leading strategies for helping those who have suffered a concussion to regain their optimal health. But because the field is relatively new, many patients have a significant number of questions regarding concussion therapy process. And so to help answer some of these questions, the team here at Burrard Physiotherapy present our answers to three common concussion therapy questions.

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Our Vancouver Clinic Team Highlights 3 Benefits of Professional Concussion Therapy

A concussion is not merely a short-term medical issue. It’s a problem that can cause significant cognitive and physical problems for patients in the long-term future. That’s why it’s recommended that those who have experienced concussion related symptoms speak with a professional qualified in concussion therapy. In this latest article, our Vancouver team outlines three common benefits of professional concussion therapy.

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Our Trusted Vancouver Experts Highlight the Advantages of the Real Time Ultrasound for Sports Therapy

For athletes looking to reduce their injury recovery schedule and regain their competitive advantage, it’s important they find out more on their injury and the changes that have taken place within their body as a result. The treatment experts here at Burrard Physiotherapy are now integrating the latest diagnostic tools within our therapy facility, and in this latest post we highlight the Real-Time Ultrasound therapy and its benefits for Vancouver athletes in sports therapy programs.

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Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy Highlights Three Elements of a Comprehensive Back Pain Therapy Program

Only by working with physiotherapists and completing a comprehensive back pain therapy program can Vancouver patients ensure their full recovery from back issues. But oftentimes those without experience in the physiotherapy field have a limited understanding on the elements that form a substantial and effective physiotherapy program.

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Multiple Therapy Types Makes Burrard Physiotherapy a Leading Vancouver Sports Therapy Clinic

December 5, 2016 – Vancouver, BC - Sports injuries and other physiological impairments can be as individualized as the person suffering from them.  That is why Burrard Physiotherapy proudly offers many different types of physiotherapy and sport therapy, to ensure each patient receives the finest possible treatment to meet their needs.

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Sports Therapy: Overcoming Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an extremely common form of injury we see often at our sports therapy clinic in Vancouver.  While it is most common in runners, it can happen to athletes in almost any sport, and the chances of it occurring go up with age.

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Sports Therapy – For Minor Injuries, RICE Is What You Need!

At our Vancouver sports therapy clinic, we often see patients come in with conditions that wouldn’t have needed a professional evaluation if they had been a little more careful.  A lot of sports injuries start off small, but become worse due to poor treatment.
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Burrard Physiotherapy Provides the Best in Sports Therapy Services to The Vancouver Area

October 25, 2016 – Vancouver, BC - Sports injuries are unfortunately common, and there are plenty of upstart clinics which claim to provide superior sports therapy. However, few can match the combined expertise and professionalism of Vancouver’s own Burrard Physiotherapy.

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Our Sports Therapy Team Explains the Most Common Challenges Athletes Face During Injury Recovery

In managing their recovery from injury, athletes often face many challenges. It’s important to have a clear understanding about these challenges and the process on how to overcome them in moving forward with the recovery process. Our sports therapy team at Burrard Physiotherapy has helped many athletes overcome their personal recovery issues in recent years, and in this latest post we take a look at the most common recovery challenges faced.

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Our Sports Therapy Team Presents Three Physio Tips for Runners

The latest data shows that over 80% of runners will experience an injury at some point during their running career. This highlights the value for runners in understanding how to maintain their condition and ensure they are protecting their body as they complete their training. The Burrard Physiotherapy sports therapy team presents their three best physio tips for runners.

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Sports Therapy – Tips for Avoiding Achilles Tendonitis

One of the complaints we see most often in our sports therapy clinic is Achilles Tendonitis. It’s a highly painful condition most often seen in those doing a lot of running and jumping, as well as a condition which can put an athlete out of commission for weeks while recovering.

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Burrard Physiotherapy Provides the Best Solutions in Sports Therapy Services to The Vancouver Area

October 25, 2016 – Vancouver, BC - Sports injuries are unfortunately common, and there are plenty of upstart clinics which claim to provide superior sports therapy. However, few can match the combined experience and professionalism of Vancouver’s own Burrard Physiotherapy.

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Sports Therapy – Dealing with Sport Concussions

Concussions are difficult to deal with because every concussion is different.  Proper sports therapy rehabilitation requires several tests, to judge the severity of the brain damage, and then ongoing treatment and observation to ensure full recovery.

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Tips to Ensure Success of a Sports Therapy Program for Vancouver Athletes

If you’re in the midst of a sports therapy program and you’re feeling as if you still have a long road ahead until you’re able to take part in sporting activities, it can be important to review strategies to improve your rate of recovery.

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Discover Complete Sports Therapy Programs at Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver, BC-based therapy clinic, Burrard Physiotherapy is now inviting patients to explore their complete range of sports therapy services. The clinic staff can help ensure patients are able to build their stamina and compete in the sports they love while they complete the recovery process.

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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Provide 3 Questions to Ask Your Sports Therapist

By understanding more on your unique sports therapy challenges, you can work with your Vancouver physiotherapist and ensure the optimal recovery is completed.

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