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Burrard Physiotherapy, a Leader in Sports Therapy, Announces Tips to Keep Injury Free During Winter

January 31, 2017 – Vancouver, BC –Winter is harsh on the environment, harsh on the roads and especially harsh on bodies. Chores such as shovelling snow or walking slippery sidewalks can lead to serious injury if not done with care and good form. Play such as hockey or skating can lead to slips or falls resulting in muscle or joint pain. The Sports Therapy professionals at Burrard Physiotherapy would like to inform the public that safety is imperative with these tips:

  • Cold muscles aide in the injury process. Remember to warm up and stretch before performing any activity in the cold. A proviso to this is if you have an existing injury, a medical examination should be conducted to make an appropriate clinical judgement is made on if the stretch will help or harm.

  • Take it slow if on the ice to let the body warm up to the activity before getting competitive.

  • If working or playing, remember to get familiar with the environment and surroundings. Slips on icy patches produce sudden jarring movements that can be troublesome to the muscles that react to it.

  • An ergonomic shovel can reduce the stress on the back. A curved handle or an adjustable handle can reduce the weight distribution make lifting easier.

  • Bending at the hips and lifting with leg muscles as to avoid sending stress to the back is great for injury prevention. Always walk to deposit snow rather than tossing it.

  • If possible, a snow blower is a better option compared to shovelling. It will take the stress of the snow removal off your body almost entirely.

  • Layer up with several layers of loose and light clothing. Body temperature changes and it is helpful to adjust clothing based on the body’s needs.

  • Boots and shoes must have good treads to prevent slipping. Ice can be hidden and traction can prevent unnecessary slips.

Winter is a fact of life in Canada, but strain and injury does not need to be. The Sports Therapy professionals at Burrard Physiotherapy hopes the winter is as enjoyable as it is beautiful. With good practice and informed decision making, injury could be avoided year-round. Contact Burrard Physiotherapy directly for further information.

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