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Burrard Physiotherapy Presents Answers to 3 Common Concussion Therapy Questions

Concussion therapy is now considered one of the leading strategies for helping those who have suffered a concussion to regain their optimal health. But because the field is relatively new, many patients have a significant number of questions regarding concussion therapy process. And so to help answer some of these questions, the team here at Burrard Physiotherapy present our answers to three common concussion therapy questions.

  1. What are the Symptoms of a Concussion?

To understand when concussion therapy is required, friends and family members of the patient must be able to spot the symptoms of a concussion. Symptoms can include confusion, drowsiness, vomiting and having difficulty waking up. Those who spot any of these symptoms when monitoring their loved ones should take them immediately to a hospital for analysis.

  1. How to Physiotherapists Determine the Extent of the Cognitive Impairment?

Cognitive impairment is one of the more obvious signs of a concussion issue. To help determine the level of impairment and provide a basis for future concussion therapy, therapists will conduct an imPACT test. During the imPACT(Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) test process, the therapist will review various elements of neurocognitive function, including memory, attention, brain processing, speed, reaction time, and post-concussion symptoms.

  1. What Therapies Are Associated with Concussion Therapy?

As part of the full concussion therapy process, patients might also undergo physiotherapy for their physical injuries, including whiplash and back pain. This therapy can be integrated within the concussion therapy process to ensure the patient achieves their ideal recovery within a consolidated timeframe.

Our concussion therapy experts here at Burrard Physiotherapy are ready to help guide you through the recovery process! To learn more about concussion therapy and its benefits, call our offices today at 604 684 1640.

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