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Discover the Back Pain Therapy Treatment Options Available at Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy

Vancouver, BC-based therapy leaders, Burrard Physiotherapy are now presenting clients with a complete range of back pain therapy treatments. The company’s treatment options include spinal therapy, which combines joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and exercise with ultrasound diagnostic work to ensure safe recovery from spinal issues.

Working with a trusted therapy expert can help those suffering from back pain reduce their pain challenges and begin to take on day-to-day tasks once again. One of the leading issues for back pain sufferers is the limit the pain places on their work life. Back pain therapy experts Burrard Physiotherapy works with a range of patients in Vancouver to help ensure they’re able to go back to their working roles in a consolidated timeframe.

Included within the Burrard Physiotherapy therapy programs is their spinal therapy service. The clinic’s team harnesses the latest in laser and ultrasound diagnostic tools to analyze patients while conducting a comprehensive assessment of their spinal challenges. They then create and implement a treatment process that combines exercises such as yoga and Pilates with soft tissue and joint manipulation to help relieve the patient’s specific pain issues. It’s a comprehensive approach to spinal therapy that has helped thousands across Vancouver go back to their normal working and social lives within a short recovery timeframe.

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