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How Antigravity Therapy Can Help Ease Your Pains During Rehabilitation

Here at Burrard Physiotherapy, we are constantly following the state of the art in rehabilitation, to find new tools and techniques to help our patients.  So, we are absolutely thrilled to now be able to offer antigravity therapy, courtesy of AlterG Treadmills.  These truly space-age devices – originally designed by NASA to aid in Astronaut training – can make a big difference to those facing a range of injuries to their legs, hips, or back.

Let’s take a look.

What Are Antigravity Therapy Treadmills?

We might not be able to truly conquer gravity yet, but we have the next best thing: AlterG antigravity therapy treadmills.  These devices use a combination of waist-high support support and an enclosed high-pressure chamber to reduce the apparent body weight of the person using the treadmill – down to only 20% of their normal body weight!

Basically, the belt helps hold you up, while the high-pressure chamber literally lifts you up partway.  The result is an amazing feeling that’s almost impossible to describe on paper – it truly is the next best thing to suddenly weighing far less than you did.  But best of all – you still train and rehabilitate using a completely normal gait.  Unlike other systems to compensate for weight, usually based in water, you walk or run on an AlterG treadmill in exactly the same way you move normally.

It just feels like you weigh less.

This is combined with state-of-the-art treadmill technology that gives the user, along with their care professionals, extremely close control over the behavior of the treadmill.  Users can select the exact body weight percentage they want, speed, even levels of incline.  Statistics can be tracked, and extremely precise roadmaps to recovery can be created by your care professional.

Why Use Antigravity Therapy?

These antigravity treadmills are revolutionary in rehabilitating after a wide range of leg, hip, and back injuries by taking gravity and the user’s weight out of the equation.  Often, a patient facing a crippling injury -such as to an ankle- must spend months off their feet waiting for the injury to heal up enough to walk again.  With AlterG treadmills, such recovery time is slashed.  If the injured body part can even support 20% weight, the patient can start training and prevent needless loss of muscle mass.

If you have suffered such an injury, contact Burrard Physiotherapy to learn more about antigravity therapy.

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