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How Gunn IMS Can Help Relieve Some Forms of Neuropathic Pain

Few things can be more debilitating in the long-term than chronic pain, particularly chronic muscle pain.  This is an extremely complicated subject, as chronic pain can have many different causes and, therefore, many different solutions.

For some types of chronic pain -called neuropathic pain- one treatment that is often effective is Intramuscular Stimulation, or IMS. Developed by Dr. Gunn of British Columbia, the Gunn IMS procedure has been quickly gaining acceptance throughout the Vancouver sports therapy community due to its effectiveness.

Gunn IMS And How It Can Help with Neuropathic Muscular Pain

Neuropathic pain refers to situations where chronic pain is occurring despite there being no immediate ongoing trauma or injury.  It is caused by nerves malfunctioning following relatively minor trauma, which causes them to “overreact” to even minor stimulation.  This manifests as a continual contraction of muscles – somewhat like a nonstop cramp – that becomes extremely painful.  That pain then creates stress and a pain feedback loop so that the nerves never get the message to release the muscle.

The IMS procedure can alleviate this situation in some patients by directly stimulating the muscle. An extremely thin acupuncture-style needle is inserted into the muscle, aimed at the stretch receptor nerves which encourage muscle release. The extremely minor damage done by the needle also encourages additional blood flow in the muscle.

Normally, the needle is so thin that a person would not feel it at all.  However, in the case of those with neuropathic pain, the insertion feels more like a deep ache. This is normal, and part of the process.

IMS does not work immediately, although patients often feel some relief shortly afterward.  Generally, several sessions – on a weekly basis – are required to fully release the muscle and restore the associated nerves to proper working order.

It’s also important to note that IMS is not acupuncture. IMS simply uses acupuncture-style needles due to them being the thinnest available needles designed for piercing deep tissue. Otherwise, IMS is a wholly different procedure.

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No blog or article can diagnose the causes of chronic pain – that requires a trained professional.  The team at Burrard Physiotherapy can work with you to discover the source of your pain and recommend the best therapy to alleviate it.

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