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Our Sports Therapy Team Explains the Most Common Challenges Athletes Face During Injury Recovery

In managing their recovery from injury, athletes often face many challenges. It’s important to have a clear understanding about these challenges and the process on how to overcome them in moving forward with the recovery process. Our sports therapy team at Burrard Physiotherapy has helped many athletes overcome their personal recovery issues in recent years, and in this latest post we take a look at the most common recovery challenges faced.

Muscle Fatigue

One surprising element many athletes discover during their recovery program is that their muscles no longer perform to peak capacity for an extended period of time. Building up muscle strength slowly alongside the sports therapy team is a critical element of the recovery process, and athletes are often frustrated by the time it can take to achieve the ideal strength to compete.

Pain During Non-Sporting Activities

In the midst of a prolonged recovery program, athletes may encounter pain when completing non-sporting activities at work or at home. This pain can make it difficult to concentrate in these environments. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so important to work with a sports therapist that understands pain management, and how to respond to unique pain challenges during recovery.

Injury Setbacks

It’s not uncommon for athletes to face a further injury setback during their recovery. A recovery program will be focused on ensuring they place less pressure on the injured area, and this could destabilize other areas of the body as they recover. A sports therapy team, like the one at Burrard Physiotherapy, orchestrating the recovery process can help athletes understand their injury in greater detail and re-organize the program to improve the recovery process.

Burrard Physiotherapy

The team at Burrard Physiotherapy is ready to help you overcome all obstacles during your injury recovery process. To learn more on our sports therapy services and to book an appointment, contact us today!

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