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Our Sports Therapy Team Presents Three Physio Tips for Runners

The latest data shows that over 80% of runners will experience an injury at some point during their running career. This highlights the value for runners in understanding how to maintain their condition and ensure they are protecting their body as they complete their training. The Burrard Physiotherapy sports therapy team presents their three best physio tips for runners.

1. Only Focusing on Running Can Lead to Injuries

The studies show that runners who don’t focus on other areas of their body are more prone to injuries. To protect their body as they run, runners should also take on some form of strength training. Exercises such as lunges, push-ups, and pull ups can help ensure the body is the ideal condition for running and help mitigate the potential for running injuries over the long-term.

2. Don’t Run with an Injury

If runners have an injury, even one in the upper area of their body, that is causing them extreme pain, they should forego running until the pain goes away. That’s because the pain will alter the fundamental running techniques the athlete uses. This will put increased pressure on areas of the body that are not used to this kind of strain, increasing the potential for injury. Simply waiting until they’re pain free and on the road to recovery can help athletes protect their body as they run.

3. Consider Specialist Guidance on Bracing and Taping

While bracing and taping can help athletes prevent reoccurrence of an old injury, running without properly securing these elements can be highly dangerous. Work with a sports therapy clinic to determine the ideal bracing and taping options before taking on the process alone.

Burrard Physiotherapy Can Help You

The team here at Burrard Physiotherapy is ready to help guide runners in achieving their objectives for the coming years. Our sports therapy services can provide complete description of your injury, prognosis and more.  To learn more tips from our team or to book an appointment, contact us today!

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