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Our Trusted Vancouver Experts Highlight the Advantages of the Real Time Ultrasound for Sports Therapy

For athletes looking to reduce their injury recovery schedule and regain their competitive advantage, it’s important they find out more on their injury and the changes that have taken place within their body as a result. The treatment experts here at Burrard Physiotherapy are now integrating the latest diagnostic tools within our therapy facility, and in this latest post we highlight the Real-Time Ultrasound therapy and its benefits for Vancouver athletes in sports therapy programs.

Achieving Instant Feedback on Muscle Movement

The ultrasound scanner provides the patient and their specialist a clear picture of what’s taking place in the patient’s body. It helps patients match their specific type of pain with a physical function within their body, thereby allowing them to correct this process through specialist guided exercise. For the specialist, this type of instant feedback supports a reduced treatment timeframe, allowing them to complete their work with greater efficiency and to achieve superior treatment results.

Preventing Future Injuries

By identifying how the patient is using their core muscle groups, and by building optimal exercise regimens designed to alleviate impacted areas, therapists can help the patient prevent future injuries. The RTU can ensure the patient uses their core muscles more effectively, supporting greater strength and enhanced muscle performance.

By integrating the Real-Time Ultrasound therapy  within their future therapy, patients across Vancouver can now achieve critical insights into the way their muscles are performing! To learn more on this exciting technology, speak with the team here at Burrard Physiotherapy directly at 604 684 1640.

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