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Our Vancouver Back Pain Therapy Experts Explain How to Reduce Back Pain

Back pain can prevent you from taking part in day-to-day activities. It can minimize your enjoyment of time spent with family and friends and may mean you’re unable to work. This means that it’s important to adopt the lifestyle habits that reduce the potential for back pain issues. Our experienced back pain therapy  team here in Vancouver have worked with thousands of patients to minimize their pain challenges. In this latest post, we explain our how reduce the potential for back pain in the future.

Maintain an Effective Posture

Throughout the day, whether you’re walking or sitting, it’s important that you retain a good posture. For example, when standing and walking, keep your head level and not too far forward from your neck. Try to stand with your feet should length apart and when walking, move on the balls of your feet to avoid locking your knees.

Consider Support When Sitting

The vast majority of the working population now sit for the majority of their eight hours per day at the office. The act of sitting requires an incredible amount of muscular effort. To retain comfort and maintain your posture over time, try to use your chair’s back support as often as possible and try not to lean forward when working on a computer.

Move Around Throughout the Day

The latest data shows prolonged sitting or standing in the same position can have a significant impact on your back muscles. To reduce your back pain, our Vancouver therapy team recommends moving and stretching throughout the day. Try move around at least once every hour.

The trusted team here at Burrard Physiotherapy is now helping Vancouver clients minimize their back pain issues using the latest therapy techniques. To book a consultation with a specialist, call our offices now at 604 684 1640.

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