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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Explain the Benefits of Soft Tissue Manipulation

In managing a sports injury, there are numerous techniques you can use to increase the speed of recovery. Our Vancouver sports therapy team has many years’ experience within the therapy industry, and we’ve helped thousands of athletes reach their recovery objectives using a range of professional therapy techniques. In this latest post, we’ll outline the benefits offered by soft tissue manipulation.

Improved Muscle Function

Our muscle function is largely controlled by mechanoreceptors, which work to detect strain on the muscles as well as the muscle’s rate of movement. Soft tissue manipulation helps to reset the receptors to the correct level within your body, thereby allowing tense muscles to relax over time and ensuring flaccid muscles build strength. This helps muscle groups to work in unison rather than against each other, supporting ease of movement.

Enhanced Metabolism

By increasing the blood flow to the damaged area, soft tissue manipulation also enhances metabolism. Soft tissue manipulation also helps ensure that fluid flow is improved and that hormones can reach their target area. This helps support effective tissue damage repair over the treatment period.

Reduced Pain

A clear advantage of soft tissue manipulation is that, because it can increase fluid flow to the region, it can also help to reduce your pain over time. By overloading the touch sensations through soft tissue manipulation, therapists can block pain signals from reaching the brain. This helps in speeding recovery as you’re better able to move your damaged muscle and focus on rebuilding strength and flexibility in the area.

By working with our trusted Vancouver sports therapy experts, you can capitalize on the long-term benefits of soft tissue manipulation. To learn more or book an initial consultation, speak with our therapy team today at 604 684 1640.

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