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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Offer Three Tips for a Spring Training Program

With the warmer weather now arriving, many athletes are about to begin their spring training regimens in a bid to reach peak fitness in 2016. If you’re building up to a new exercise routine this year, it’s important to learn optimal techniques from qualified training specialists. In this post, our Vancouver sports therapy team offers three tips for ensuring success with a spring training program.

  1. Remember to Take Breaks Throughout the Week

While you might feel ready to push your body and complete three or four days of exercise in a row, your body might not be at the required performance level. Even professional athletes require rest time. Begin your spring training programs by alternating your exercise days. This will help you build your strength over time and give your muscles time to recover from the exertion.

  1. Listen to Your Body

Those small aches and pains after not exercising for a period of time might be normal for some, but extensive pain that persists over time means there’s an issue that needs attention. It’s important that you don’t push your body through muscle pain and only begin your exercise when you feel comfortable and pain-free. Tenderness, swelling, joint pain and a reduced range of motion are all indications it’s time to see a specialist.

  1. Keep Training Records

If you’re looking to meet a certain fitness goal, you can reach that goal much more quickly by keeping training records. In your records, write down specific details on your training, such as how far you ran and any specific issues you experienced that day. This will ensure you can continually monitor your progress and maximize the exercise benefits.

The trusted team at Burrard Physiotherapy are now here to help guide you as you begin your spring training regimen. To learn more, contact our expert Vancouver sports therapy team today at 604 684 1640.

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