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Our Vancouver Sports Therapy Team Provide 3 Questions to Ask Your Sports Therapist

By understanding more on your unique sports therapy challenges, you can work with your Vancouver physiotherapist and ensure the optimal recovery is completed. The challenge for most going through a sports therapy program is they don’t have a clear outline on communicating with their physiotherapist. This can lead to confusion and mistakes being made by the patient. And so within this latest post, we’ll present three questions to ask your sports physiotherapist as you complete your recovery program.

  1. Which Activities are Strictly Prohibited?

    In recovery from an injury, there are activities that a physiotherapist might recommend you not complete. But there also activities that will have lasting damage on your body, and as such are strictly prohibited as part of your recovery program. By asking this question, you can find out more on your activity options and ensure you’re not incurring further damage as you work back to full fitness.

  1. What Signs Should I Watch for?

    During a recovery, there are signs that an injury is becoming increasingly problematic. Your physiotherapist can outline the signs that you must watch for as you try to achieve your recovery goals. For example, they might isolate pain and muscle fatigue as two signs of a potential issue that requires further analysis.

  1. What Challenges Can I Expect?

    At the start of any recovery program, it’s important to discuss potential challenges with your physiotherapist. They will help you analyze your potential recovery issues and provide a guide on how to overcome these issues over time. If you can see the challenges before they arrive, this will ensure you have the resources and a greater capacity to achieve your recovery objectives.

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