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Reduce Tension and Improve Recovery with Antigravity Therapy

What is Antigravity Therapy?

In traditional therapy, weight is put onto the joint or area of the body in need of strengthening and correcting. Even the slightest amount of pressure applied to this area of the body can cause pain and reduce the overall impact of your therapy session. Due to this, removing any kind of pressure or weight applied to the area in question can help accelerate the corrective process. Antigravity therapy removes all forms of pressure applied, which helps improve results.

Injuries come in many forms. Whether chronic or a first-time occurrence, the need to recover and restore an area of the body is necessary. However, depending on the injury, pressure applied simply from standing may cause therapy sessions all but impossible to make it through. With antigravity therapy (active rehabilitation), nearly all pressure is removed to make the therapy session less painful while delivering better results.

Antigravity Therapy Works To…

  • Strengthen the body and improve range of motion

  • Reduce the impact of therapy and exercise sessions

  • Improves overall stability and flexibility of muscles and joints by removing excess weight

  • Cuts down body pain and other forms of discomfort, commonly experience by those who suffer from joint, cartilage and soft tissue issues

  • Help manage both new and chronic injuries

Doctors will Often Recommend Antigravity Therapy

Every condition is a case by case basis, so while there may be certain situations where antigravity therapy (active rehabilitation) is not recommended, often it is the preferred form of medical treatment. This form of active rehab is helps lighten the impact of joints suffering from injury. By removing the amount of pressure applied to these joints, the body can fully direct itself to strengthening the muscles and tissues while limiting, or eliminating the amount of pain you experience while going through therapy.

Why Choose

At Burrard Physiotherapy, we have over 150 years of combined experience. With the expansive team, we can offer more services tailor designed specifically to fit the condition you are in or suffering from. So, whether it is an acute injury or you experience a chronic illness, our team can provide you with a wide range of treatments, to help restore the functionality of your body while assisting you in achieving your lifestyle goals. Antigravity therapy just happens to be one of the services we offer. Contact us today!

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