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Sports Therapy – Dealing with Sport Concussions

There has been a lot of talk in the media lately about concussions.  The NHL, NFL and CFL have been drawing up stricter guidelines for dealing with them, even as certain notable public figures have derided concussions as just being “a little ding on the head.”

The truth is, the more we learn about concussions through scientific medical research, the scarier they get. Brain damage is nothing to laugh at, and concussions are now linked to an increasing range of both physical and mental problems among those who become concussed.

At Burrard Physiotherapy, we take concussions absolutely seriously.  Several of our professionals are trained specifically in dealing with concussions and other forms of brain damage.

How to Know if a Concussion Is Serious

You do not necessarily need to loose consciousness to have experienced a concussion.

In nearly all cases, this means the brain has physically impacted the interior of the skull. It also means some damage to the brain has also occurred as a result, although that damage could be anywhere from effectively harmless to immediately life-threatening.

First and foremost, if you or someone you know has recently been concussed and are showing any of the following symptoms (including, but not limited to), they should seek emergency care immediately:

  • Protracted dizziness

  • Blurred vision

  • Grogginess or difficulty waking up

  • Deteriorated mental abilities

  • A headache which steadily increases in pain

  • Repeated vomiting

In these cases, the patient doesn’t need sports therapy - they need the emergency room.

Burrard Physiotherapy Has the Resources to Make Concussion Rehabilitation a Reality.

Concussions are difficult to deal with because every concussion is different.  Proper sports therapy rehabilitation requires several tests, to judge the severity of the brain damage, and then ongoing treatment and observation to ensure full recovery.

The professional physiotherapists at Burrard Physiotherapy are well-trained in these techniques. We deploy the most reliable testing methods, including the computerized ImPACT Test as well as balance and cognitive tests. The first step to recovery is discovering the extent of the damage done.

Then, we will work with you to modify your lifestyle and habits to speed recovery. This may simply mean a period of rest and recuperation, or it may require more extensive therapy.

The Best Solutions in Sports Therapy

At Burrard Physiotherapy we want you to recover safely and properly.  Please contact Burrard Physiotherapy for the best solutions in sports therapy and physiotherapy.

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