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Sports Therapy – Treat Shoulder Impingement Syndrome Before It Becomes a More Serious Problem

One thing a person quickly learns when practicing sports therapy in Vancouver is that there are many minor conditions where a bit of preventative care can prevent far worse problems down the line.

A perfect example of this is shoulder impingement syndrome.  Shoulder impingement syndrome is a relatively minor issue that affects the throwing arm of players in sports such as baseball and American football, as well as the arms of swimmers. While it is generally only a moderate annoyance, if ignored it can cause long-lasting damage.

Understanding and Treating Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

Shoulder impingement syndrome can involve inflammation in the rotor cuff muscles, which cause pain and potentially limited mobility in a person’s shoulder.

The act of throwing a ball, or other rapid arcing arm movements, require a complicated balancing act between four muscles – the rotor cuff muscles – which must all coordinate for smooth and precise movements.  The ball-in-socket joint of the shoulder allows for a large range of motion, but in turn, that requires a lot of muscle work to conduct properly. Even minor rotor cuff problems can begin to impair the ability of the shoulder joint to function properly.

In shoulder impingement syndrome, one or more of the rotor cuff muscles may have become inflamed. This causes two issues. First, they have decreased room to pass through the space between the shoulder and the shoulder blade above. This can cause painful movement. Additionally, the inflammation reduces precision and can affect or restrict arm movements.

Shoulder impingement syndrome is a case where “fighting through the pain” is not the right advice. Impingement syndrome, by itself, is easily treated – often, nothing more than ice, anti-inflammation medicine (Advised by your doctor), and a few days resting the shoulder is all that’s needed. However, if ignored, the inflammation will only become worse, and potentially lead to more serious conditions such as sub acromial bursitis and rotor cuff or bicep tendonitis.

Shoulder pain when exercising or playing sports should not be ignored.  Much like the knees, the shoulder is such a critical joint that even relatively minor lasting pain should be taken seriously to prevent long-lasting damage.

Get Sports Therapy from Experienced Professionals

If you’re experiencing ongoing shoulder pains, they should be looked at by trained professionals.  Contact the team at Burrard Physiotherapy to schedule an appointment and ensure a minor problem doesn’t become far worse.

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