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The Professional Vancouver Sports Therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy Announce Tips for Back-Friendly Gardening

January 30, 2017 – Vancouver, BC - As spring approaches, people throughout the Vancouver area will be returning to tend their gardens.  While a great outdoor activity, it is all too easy for overly-enthusiastic gardeners to do unnecessary damage to their back through improper movements.  The professional sports therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy would like to remind Vancouverites of the best way to garden and protect their backs in the process.

  • Always squat to lift, so that both the weight and effort are centered on the legs. Bending over to pick up even relatively light objects can quickly cause back injury.

  • Remain vertical when digging with a shovel, with the handle centered with the body. Bending or twisting the spine during shoveling invites disc problems.

  • Avoid carrying heavy items such as fertilizer sacks manually.  Use a dolly or wheelbarrow to prevent unnecessary back strain.

  • When possible, sit down while working, particularly during repetitive tasks such as seeding or weeding.  This reduces up-and-down strain on the back.

  • Like when exercising, stretch prior to a long gardening session to loosen the muscles.

  • Change activities every 15-20 minutes to prevent repetitive strain syndromes from occurring.  If possible, also move between standing, sitting, and kneeling activities in the same way.

Burrard Physiotherapy hopes gardeners throughout the Vancouver area will be able to garden safely and with a minimum of strain to their back or other areas of the body. Contact Burrard Physiotherapy directly for further information.

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