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Tips to Ensure Success of a Sports Therapy Program for Vancouver Athletes

If you’re in the midst of a sports therapy program and you’re feeling as if you still have a long road ahead until you’re able to take part in sporting activities, it can be important to review strategies to improve your rate of recovery. Only by working with trusted sports therapy teams can you ensure the optimal results from your program. And within this latest post, our sports physiotherapists here at our  clinic in Vancouver highlight several tips for ensuring the success of a physical therapy program.

Seek Recovery Supervision

In managing your injury, it’s important that you have a professional supervising the entire process. A sports physiotherapist should be reviewing your injury throughout to determine the strength of the underlying muscles and the potential for further damage in the future. This can help prevent you from exacerbating the injury during recovery.

Achieve a Balance Between Rest and Exercise

Oftentimes the resting element of the recovery program can be the most important part. It allows the body time to heal and ensures that damaged areas are protected as muscle regenerates. Follow the physiotherapist’s instructions closely and rest when your injured area is fatigued or sore.

Understand how to Fuel Your Body

The diet you choose can have a significant impact on your long-term recovery prognosis. It’s critical to work with a professional who specializes in sports nutrition to build a dietary program that allows for optimal nutrition at each recovery stage.

Our trusted sports therapy team here at Burrard Physiotherapy in Vancouver can help build a customized recovery program for your sports injury. To begin today, call us now at 604 684 1640.

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