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Vancouver-based Burrard Physiotherapy Highlights Three Elements of a Comprehensive Back Pain Therapy Program

Only by working with physiotherapists and completing a comprehensive back pain therapy program can Vancouver patients ensure their full recovery from back issues. But oftentimes those without experience in the physiotherapy field have a limited understanding on the elements that form a substantial and effective physiotherapy program. To help provide further information in this area, this post will highlight three of the elements that the leading Vancouver back pain therapy programs have in common.

  1. Diagnosis

The first and perhaps most important element of any back pain therapy program is diagnosis. The physiotherapist will review the patient to determine their level of mobility and pain and then make an assessment as to their physiotherapy requirements moving forward. During the diagnosis stage, the physiotherapist will harness the latest technology such as RTU (Real Time Ultrasound) to determine the next treatment step.

  1. Exercise Treatment

The exercise element of the treatment program will help the patient build on their flexibility over time. The physiotherapist will oversee the exercise and determine how to move forward. During exercise treatment, patients will be upgraded in terms of the extent of their movements as a way to build strength and regain their full mobility.

  1. Massage

The massage component of back pain therapy is designed to help Vancouver patients achieve a sense of relaxation and to minimize any additional stress placed on their body during the treatment process. Massage techniques may involve elements of soft tissue manipulation and joint mobilization to help further enhance the recovery process.

By learning more on the facets of a comprehensive treatment program, patients can ensure they select the right option for their recovery. To learn more on this topic, speak with the team here Burrard Physiotherapy today at 604 684 1640.

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