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Vancouver based Therapy Leaders Burrard Physiotherapy Using Real-Time Ultrasound for Sports Injury Recovery Programs

Vancouver-based specialists for physiotherapy and injury recovery programs, Burrard Physiotherapy are now one of the only clinics in the area using Real-Time Ultrasound during recovery processes. RTU is a diagnostic tool that allows the physiotherapist to see the injury via ultrasound in real-time, and to get live visual feedback on the way the muscles are being used during the recovery. The ultrasound therapy tool is working to help patients reduce their recovery timeframes and limit setbacks within their muscle training.

To ensure their patients are achieving their fitness objectives during physiotherapy work, therapists must harness the latest diagnostic tools. It’s important that the therapist is able to see the development of muscles and how the training program is impacting the patient and their injury directly. The RTU now being used at Burrard Physiotherapy is a trusted tool for this level of comprehensive patient analysis.

Working with the RTU, the team at Burrard Physiotherapy is able to help patients devise the ideal recovery program for their unique physical needs. The RTU allows patients to match what they’re feeling with the movement of their muscles beneath the skin at that very moment, helping them to retrain their body to move in a way that protects injured areas and allows for maximum recovery within shorter timeframes.

Empowered by the RTU, Burrard Physiotherapy is changing the way patients take on the recovery process. To learn more on this latest ultrasound therapy technology, speak with the team at Burrard Physiotherapy directly at 604 684 1640 or visit their business website at

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