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Vancouver Therapy Leaders Burrard Physiotherapy Present 3 Back Pain Myths

Many millions of Canadians now suffer from back pain issues on a daily basis. These issues impact their lifestyle and often prevent them completing their working duties. To help you manage your back pain more effectively and provide you with greater detail on the challenges associated with back pain, our Vancouver therapy experts are now presenting threeback pain myths in this latest post.

  1. Pain is a Fact of Life

You may have been told by friends and family that you should try to tough it out and deal with your back pain while going about your life. Back pain can worsen over time, as you try to use your back muscles less to compensate. That’s why it’s critical to seek out expert guidance from the first day back pain occurs.

  1. There are Standard Back Pain Cures

Because there are so many unique reasons for back pain, there are no standard cures. A treatment that works for one person might not work for another person presenting the same symptoms. It’s important to simply work directly with a specialist to determine the best approach for your unique back pain issues.

  1. Rest can Cure Back Pain

While a short period of rest can help alleviate pressure on sore back muscles, most back injuries cannot be resolved solely with rest. The leading Vancouver back pain therapy specialists in prescribe medication, exercises and other forms of treatment as part of a comprehensive approach to addressing back pain issues.

Our team here at Burrard Physiotherapy can help address any back pain questions you have and uncover the myths within industry. Call today at604 684 1640 to speak with a qualified specialist.

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