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What is Sports Therapy and How Can It Help You?

Sports therapy is for everyone, athlete or not. If you have injured yourself, take advantage of years of sports medicine research to heal an injury as fast as possible while taking the appropriate steps to reduce the outcome of repeating the injury again. Your mobility goals should not be limited by the pain responses in your body. The professionals at Burrard Physiotherapy can get you the guidance you need to fulfill your mobility goals: whether it’s professional sports or pleasure walks.

It’s our most basic method of transportation but it is absolutely important to get your arms and legs in motion and go for walk. Walking has a multitude of great benefits including boosting your mood, improving coordination and balance and strengthening your bones and muscles. It’s also a great way to maintain your weight and fight a myriad of diseases.

Walk your way to your goals

They say you learn to crawl before your walk and it goes without saying that you should walk before you run. Literally and figuratively. If you’re anticipating a lifestyle change in the way you move: whether you’re getting your resolutions into play or playing a new sport, learn to walk before you run. Walking can be used as a way to warm up your muscles and give your body time to warm up to physical activity. Or if you’re not used to putting your body through hours of physical strain, it is a great way to gauge the wear and tear of muscles and joints in their current condition to understand the present state. If you feel discomfort when you walk, be it short or long, you definitely want to assess it sooner rather than later.

Adopting a walking routine into your daily schedule can be as easy as scheduling a friendly tour around the block with office colleagues during your lunch break. Make sure to have comfortable clothing and footwear that aid in your movement as you roll your foot from head to toe. Make sure you are looking straight ahead and engaging your core. To move freely without pain and hindrance is the first step in an active lifestyle. Know your body and your limitations so you can exceed them.

As always, you can always contact your sports therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy for help and guidance on your journey to move.

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