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Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic Introduces New Spinal Therapy Treatment Services

The experts at Vancouver-based physiotherapy clinic, Burrard Physiotherpay have just announced the introduction of several new services to their clinic roster. These latest service additions include spinal therapy services, which are designed by leaders within the industry with the goal of ensuring clients achieve the freedom of movement to enjoy life with complete back comfort.

With the North American economy now heavily dependent upon IT sector operations, millions of Canadians spend at least 8 hours a day sitting in a chair at their computer. This economic evolution has had a detrimental effect on postural health across the country. And now, 1/3 Canadians suffers from neck pain each year. And more than 85% of Canadians will suffer from some form of back pain at some point in their lives. In order to take a proactive role in their treatment, many back and neck pain sufferers are turning to the expertise of professionals such as the team at Burrard Physiotherapy.

The initial element of treatment through the Burrard Physiotherapy clinic involves a comprehensive assessment. Through this assessment, the specialist will then determine the best course of treatment to ensure that the client regains full spinal mobility. The company is known for offering the area’s best-equipped gym facility as well for its private treatment rooms that assure complete comfort for each client of the organization. Specialists are now taking appointments to help clients respond to their unique spinal health needs.

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