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The 6 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy at Burrard Physiotherapy

When an injury leaves you in chronic pain, it can drastically reduce the quality of life. Sufferers reach for over the counter pain relief or even deal with the fog of stronger pain medications.

The Shockwave Therapy offered here at Burrard Physiotherapy uses high energy acoustic waves to promote the body’s natural reparative processes, effectively reducing pain, improving function and providing these six major benefits.

1. Stimulates New Blood Vessel Formation

During treatment, the acoustic waves cause capillary micro ruptures at the site. These micro ruptures stimulate the body’s regeneration ability to remodel the arterioles and cause them to grow. New blood vessels are also formed and increase blood flow to the site, which promotes quicker healing.

2. Reversal of Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of chronic pain and can cause damage to healthy tissues. Shockwave treatments stimulate the inflammation causing mast cells and other pro-inflammatory compounds. While this does cause an increase in inflammation at the site of treatment, it also helps to jumpstart your body’s natural healing abilities.

3. Increases Collagen Production

Collagen is one of the building blocks of our body’s and we simply cannot heal without enough of it. Shockwave Therapy stimulates the production of collagen and the waves cause the fibers to form longitudinal structures within the ligament or tendon. These structures help strengthen weakened areas.

4. Breaks up Calcification

Calcified fibroblasts, often caused by trauma to the tendon, can hinder function and cause chronic pain. Shockwaves help decalcify the area, breaking up the paste like calcification into small enough particles for the body to absorb, which aids in improving the function and reducing the pain.

5. Dispersion of Substance P

Substance P is a neurotransmitter that relays pain messages through the central nervous system. Those with chronic or severe pain have a higher concentration of Substance P. The acoustic waves reduce this substance in the body, which stops the pain and reduces inflammation.

6. Releases Trigger Points

Trigger points are palpable nodules in muscle fibers, commonly consisting of calcium pulp, that block waste and cause additional pain and inflammation. Shockwave Therapy breaks these nodules down, restoring proper flow and reducing the pain.

Shockwave Therapy provides chronic pain sufferers non-surgical, non-narcotic, pain relief. To learn more about the benefits of this therapy, or to schedule a consultation in the Vancouver area, please call Burrard Physiotherapy today at (604) 684-1640.


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