Whether for sport or commute, cycling is a year round activity for thousands of Vancouver residents.

bike fit servicesWhether you ride everyday or you are a fair weather, weekend warrior, it is essential your bike is fit properly.  Pain while cycling can often be associated to issues with saddle height, pedal/cleat alignment, and/or handle bar rotation.  A proper bike fit is important to ensure pain-free rides and to avoid undue stress on both your body and your bicycle.

Burrard Physiotherapy is pleased to offer professional bike fitting services for commuters, road and recreational cyclists.  Physiotherapist Thomas Zhou is a new cycling enthusiast who has completed the “Key Concepts of Bike Fit & Treatment of Cycling Related Overuse Injuries” course offered by local physiotherapists and elite cyclists Tyler Dumont and Tara Lazarski.

If you are tired of feeling sore on your bike or if you just want to make sure you are tuned up for cycling season, contact Thomas at Burrard Physiotherapy today for our bike fitting process. Happy cycling, everyone!

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