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Downtown Vancouver Physio Offers Advice on Warming-up

Reaching for toes in a seated stretch position

Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic’s Advice On Warming-up Warming the body up before a workout is beneficial for many reasons; such as revving up your cardiovascular system, raising your body temperature (literally warming your body up), and increasing blood flow in and out of your muscles. Some studies show that warming up may also reduce muscle soreness […]

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Pain and Physiotherapy

  Did you know that pelvic pain has had its global prevalence compared to that of asthma ( 4.3-8.6%) . Often times these patients present with complicating factors which can make it difficult to identify or diagnose. Pelvic pain is a multisystem disorder, which includes sexual, bowel, urinary, gynecological, and musculoskeletal symptoms. It is often […]

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