Women’s Health Therapy

Your body changes when you start a family.  We can help you regain control.

At Burrard Physiotherapy, we recognize that women can develop very unique problems. Often these are associated with pregnancy and child birth. Many women are resigned and think that it is just a part of life. Not true! All these problems can be overcome with the right intervention.

womens health therapyLynda Lawrence has over 20 years of experience and significant specialized training in treating pelvic floor, pelvic pain and osteoporosis, just to name a few. After a comprehensive assessment, she will explain to you what can be done so that you can resume all your normal activities. She has the latest technology in the form of Real Time Ultrasound and biofeedback to retrain the muscle function back to normal.

All of our treatment rooms are large and private. You will be booked on a double slot for your initial assessment, so expect to be at the clinic for at least an hour.

Don’t let life pass you by. We can help.

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