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Your body changes when you start a family.  We can help you regain control.

At Burrard Physiotherapy, we recognize that women can experience specific problems which may be (but not always) associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. Many women accept these changes and think these are just a part of life and nothing can be improved. Not true! Most problems can be overcome with the right intervention.

During pregnancy, approximately 50% of women experience pelvic girdle pain. This pain may be felt in the lower back/sacral area, hips, or groin/pubic area. Changes in the pelvic ligaments and connective tissue while pregnant give increased mobility in the pelvis as part of the natural process to prepare the body for childbirth. If you have pain when moving eg, walking, turning in bed, prolonged sitting, or standing, this may be due to muscle/joint imbalance around the pelvis. Physiotherapy treatment can address this imbalance so that you can move freely again.

Following childbirth, many women are keen to resume exercising and improve control of their core muscles. Do you have concerns about a Diastasis of Recti Abdominis (DRA)? DRA is a stretching between the 2 sides of the rectus abdominis muscle, and you may notice a bulging or gap in the abdominal wall when exercising. While this is common following pregnancy, with the correct exercises you can regain control of your abdominal muscles. At Burrard Physiotherapy we have a Real Time Ultrasound imaging unit which allows you and your physiotherapist to see your core muscles in action and to teach you appropriate level exercises.

Incontinence (leakage of urine, gas, or stool), or frequent urges to visit the bathroom can be indicators that the pelvic floor muscles are not working at their best and that pelvic floor muscle training may help. But…a word of caution- not everyone will benefit from ‘Kegel’ exercises to make the muscles stronger. For many women they also need to learn how to relax these muscles, particularly if their concerns are: frequent urges to visit the bathroom, or painful sex.

Osteoporosis is a gradual decline in the mass of the bone tissue with weakening of the bone.  It affects 1 in 4 women (post-menopause) and 1 in 8 men over the age of 50 years. Specific strengthening exercises to promote bone production, and balance exercises to reduce your risk of falling, are key features of creating a home exercise programme to optimise bone health and prevent breaking a bone.

If you are experiencing any of the above or other Women’s Health related concerns, book an appointment with Lynda Lawrence –pelvic health physiotherapist and certified Rost therapist. Rost therapy is an effective treatment technique with home exercises to improve pelvic balance for pelvic girdle pain and tail bone (coccyx) pain.  Lynda has over 30 years of clinical experience with specialised training in Women’s Health physiotherapy including peri-natal care (e.g. pelvic girdle pain, tail bone pain, diastasis of rectus abdominis), pelvic floor conditions (e.g. incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse), pelvic pain and osteoporosis. After a comprehensive assessment, she will discuss with you how physiotherapy can help you achieve your personal goals and support a return to your usual activities, e.g: caring for baby, resuming sports/daily activities or to cope with personal concerns about your bladder, bowel or sexual health.

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Physiotherapy is our passion. Your health is our priority.

Burrard Physiotherapy one of the leading clinics in Vancouver and is home to 12 highly skilled physiotherapists, 2 massage therapists, kinesiologists, yoga instructor, pilates instructor and exercise therapists.

All of our treatment rooms are large and private. You will be booked on a double slot for your initial assessment, so expect to be at the clinic for at least an hour.

Don’t let life pass you by. We can help.

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Rated 4.3/5 based on 49 google reviews
5 out of 5

After a couple of failed visits to other clinics, Linda Warren gave me the confidence the physiotherapy does exist and is useful. Her genuine interest in my condition (bike accident), professional attitude and all the information she provided helped me understand what's wrong and how it will get better. Her therapy is also helping relieve the pain and the worry associated with it. I feel like she could be my regular physiotherapist going forward.

5 out of 5

Great location, and the hours are pretty good. Just minutes away from my boyfriends west end condo so I usually walk over.

5 out of 5

This clinic has helped me a lot. I used to go for massage therapy when I had a muscle injury (Erika is great) and then for another injury I tried IMS. I'm legit terrified of needles but a friend told me to try it, and it did wonders. Farhana (I hope I spelled that right!) is amazing, a few sessions fixed me right up, much less painful than massaging the muscles. I am very grateful to the staff - they've kept me on my feet (literally).

5 out of 5

I went for a bike fitting with Thomas, a couple of months ago. He was friendly, knowledgeable and provided a full report after the fitting. He took the time to listen and understand my history and approached the fitting in a thorough and careful way. Cheers Thomas

5 out of 5

I've been going to Burrard Physiotherapy for almost a month after a triceps tear lead to arm, shoulder, and neck pain, and have been working with Kevin Chen. He's incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and receptive, and the improvement with my pain and discomfort is noticeable. The environment is clean and comforting, and the receptionists always greet you in a warm way. Treatment always starts on time too.

A mainstay of Physiotherapy practice in Downtown Vancouver.

Burrard Physiotherapy is an amalgamation of two outstanding physiotherapy clinics in downtown Vancouver. Burrard Physiotherapy Associates was established in 1982 as was Burrard Physiotherapy Clinic each of these businesses operated out of separate locations one block apart.

It wasn't until local Kerry Maxwell purchased both clinics in 2004 and 2005 that they merged to become Burrard Physiotherapy. The clinic is driven to provide an outstanding level of care and recovery for patients. Each of the therapists at Burrard Physiotherapy have multiple levels of training and education over and above their original degrees. In addition, everyone leads active lifestyles. This is essential to understanding the impact that an injury can have on your lifestyle. We believe physiotherapy carried out by a qualified team is the path to freedom of movement and mobility & we believe freedom of movement is essential to quality of life.

Our reception area boasts a coffee and tea service and comfortable seating in a cozy setting filled with local art. Any of our three receptionists will be happy to settle you in to your treatment routine while you are here with us.